The Original Message Seminar

The Original Message Seminar is all about making Spirituality Tangible. Please read reviews of previous attendees and make your reservation for the next seminar. Why not join the conversation?

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The ReFlow G2RS.

Coming soon to a bathroom near you!

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Mosaic Riddim

Mosaic Riddim (MR) is a reggae music band performing songs of social conscious discourse and rhythmic island roots in the Metro Vancouver, BC, area. MR’s surprise debut in ’16 launched with original reggae singles, including “Feel the Love Inside, Gotto Make Way, and Cake & Ice Cream"

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The Canadian Flowers for Food Society

The Canadian Flowers for Food Society (CFFFS) is a register BC Society (Business Number: 84141 0756 RC001) founded in the summer of 2005 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. CFFFS provides social and financial opportunities for seniors, homeless people, and/or those coping with mental illness.

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New Skool Community Leadership Program

After developing this curriculum and syllabus, I am most pleased to see one of the first projects successfully demonstrate the students'ability to conceptualize and identify the victim/ bullying dynamic from the bully’s perspective; and create/offer a checklist for bullying propensity in order prevent bullying ASAP, by considering the contributing factors creating a bully in a bullying scenario. 

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