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Marrett Green, Racially Profiled and Assautled by VPD and Courthouse 'sheriffs'
Marrett Green, Racially Profiled and Assautled by VPD and Courthouse 'sheriffs'

Can you believe this? If I were not living it myself, I would not believe it possible, today, in Vancouver, BC, Canada. But alas, tragically, I was racially profiled, attacked, and assaulted, by degenerates posing as officers. Yes, degenerates. What else would you consider anyone willing to deliberately try to destroy another person's Life...simply because they believe they can? Degenerates: every one of them.

The lawyer who agreed to help me was/ is 1/469+ lawyers I personally contacted asking for help. Chambers Caldwell Law is only firm that said, yes, and with no qualms. I see it the exact same as someone rushing into a burning building to save another, while others are running away. No different in my eyes. There were very few exceptions who sounded sincere in their excuses, and helpful with their suggestions. What a (two year) ride. People keep telling me it's time to write my book, 'Black Like Me in the 21st Century'. They may be right. More to come. Stay Bright!

The Original Message Website

The Original Message Website is all about making Spirituality tangible, and finding your Connection.

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The ReFlow G2RS

Coming soon to a bathroom near you!

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Mosaic Riddim

Mosaic Riddim is a Vancouver, BC, reggae music band spinning socially Conscious discourse into original rootsy songs and Positive vibez. MR’s surprise debut in ’16 launched with original Juno-sponsored reggae singles including 'Canvas,' 'It's No Lie,' and 'Wickedness.'

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A Registered Canadian Charity Marrett Founded

The Canadian Flowers for Food Society

The Canadian Flowers for Food Society (CFFFS) is a register BC Society (Business Number: 84141 0756 RC001) founded in the summer of 2005 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. CFFFS provides social and financial opportunities for seniors, homeless people, and/or those coping with mental illness.

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A Teaching Project Addressing Bullying

Are You a Bully?

Fact: Children do not grow out of bullying.
Without intervention, a significant number of youth who bully in childhood will continue to bully as they move through adolescence and into adulthood.
Most proud of the students who decided on this project and worked their way through the development. The next generation of critical thinkers and leaders.

'Black Like Me,' in The 21st Century

I have had to defend myself against the most heinous accusations and allegations from the most asinine degenerates imaginable. Why? Because I am Black. (link coming)

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Hate Crime

Yes, I was subjected to an actual Hate Crime in Vancouver, BC, in the 21st-century.
Well, this was the first, at that time; now it's one among others.

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Mosaic Riddim Mascot - By Marrett Green

'Bredda Nanci' Ginal (Anansi)

Yes, I am Jamaican, and apparently creative; so it makes sense, ask Shakespeare, Marley, Sagan, Lennon, Tao, Castaneda, and/or Kennedy, to name a few (links coming)

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The Butterfly Study

Answering The Life After Death Question

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Music soothes the soul, in some cases it actually saves Lives. Grab a drum!

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The Original Message Seminar

Making Spirituality Tangible. Please read reviews of previous attendees and make your reservation for the next seminar. Why not join the conversation?

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A Product Marrett Conceptualized,

And Others Have Taken, Again...

A Public Speaking Project I was

Invited to Join. Grateful.

Moi, 6th From the Top...

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