It is well-known the Capture On Demand Interior Activity Reporting (CODIAR) system was created by Marrett Green in Vancouver, BC, Canada, circa '05/ '06. However few are aware it was soon destroyed by the head researcher at BCIT. Yes, quite the allegation, yet easily substantiated as all documentations, contract agreements, emails (plus recorded conversations/ messages) still exist. Destroyed with Marrett losing his investors (40K) once they realized the Development NDA was badly compromised by this newton character.

The ingenuity: The CODIAR system allows for first responders to know where people are in each building, to expedite search and rescue and recovery. I was asked by the head R&D guy (newton) at BCIT if I intended to sell my patent and product (which they had agreed to develop, otherwise I would not have given them my concept, plus my research and design specs) to a security company for 10 million (their figure), or start my own security company? I told them I would decide once they built my (contracted) prototype. They never built my prototype.
Once I gave them my ideas and design specs from industry interviews, they stopped production.
I went to sue them, and the court judge (rightfully) reminded me that suing them would mean disclosing my patent claims.
I then immediately went to Kwantlen Poyltech University (I was teaching there) and they got even more excited (literally) to build it. I got a call that evening, after the green light was given for development, from KPU's head R&D guy, (counterpart to newton) giving me his portfolio details (dupont, dow, etc) and telling me how excited he was to start working on my project. We never started.
The following week I heard the same excuse from KPU, for not starting production, as I heard from BCIT, verbatim - "It's so simple an idea, we think it should have been done already."
No hyperbole, verbatim.
Turns out faculty members from both institution's research schools sat on the same 'institution ethics' committee. Can you believe it? There's irony, and there went three years of research and development, at minimum, and a billion dollar concept. Much Learned. Grateful. More to come.