I would report this to be sub-par editing, as it did not reflect my true sentiments…which I thought were clear. I have spoken to the reporter/writer, and she is as perplexed as I am with the ‘new’ focus of this story.

I thought this magazine was about diversity (advocacy) and strength, (reason for participating) however I was truly disappointed to see the same ‘perpetuating of the same’ narrative.


I am at odds with, among many things…
This statement:

“Music came to Green when he was at a low point in his life. Following an eviction, he found himself homeless for eight months. He was working and sleeping in Tim Hortons and experienced vastly different treatment from people.”

Besides experiencing vastly different treatment from people, daily, homeless or not, this statement, article perpetuates negative cliches, and perceived ‘norms,’ supporting ‘the narrative.’

“At a low point following an eviction.”

I did not see this as a low point in my Life; I saw this as being unjustly treated by racists, and the government that is supposed to be protecting my Rights, failing to do so. I was ‘unlawfully evicted’ because of my skin colour. I said this a couple times, I am certain. I may have said I was tired, challenged, angry, all the above, and I slept for months when I got back into my bed. However realize I was still performing in local venues in Vancouver, for the first time, including the Roxy, The Railway Stage, and the Fairview Pub – this was not a low point in my Life – although the music and shows were truly more cathartic and therapeutic than anything else. I knew one day I would tell the story. Why not mention more of this?

There was no feeling of ‘low point’ in Life…not all all. Why?

I was unlawfully evicted / homeless because I was standing up for my rights as a Black person in Vancouver, BC, Canada, in 2016, for all Black people in Canada and abroad…after being told my rights were being violated for more than a year by another tenant, because I am a ‘Nigger’…according to the property managers, janice barry and greg barry, and verified true by the tenant, whalen hausch, in front of an eye witness – Calen Sturch. Letter attached.

The editor simply chose to state it as an ‘eviction, and homelessness’ – not an ‘unlawful’ eviction based on racial discrimination, as I stated, and materials substantiates.

As a journalist, I know the editor could have easily written: “unlawful eviction, according to Mr. Green” — at the very least, to be meaningful to the context of accurately ‘representing Diversity,’ in this country.

The article did not mention, Mr. Green was living the same as 45% of Vancouverites (the Metro) at the time, pay-check to pay-check, after spending his savings and selling his car in an effort to bring the world’s first compact grey-water recycling system to market, with the National Research Council of Canada, (NRC) — saving fresh water consumption by 30%, immediately. Why was this not mentioned?

The editor’s article did not mention the five million dollar contract I refused (from two Vancouver laywers, investors) for the ownership of my product and patents. Why? https://thereflow.info

The article didn’t mention the fact I was, despite living homeless, feeling at my best in Discovering A Even Stronger Connection To Source Creator, God. Hence the 20+ Original roots reggae songs now registered with SOCAN.
The editor’s articles did not mention the fact SOCAN does not have a “Reggae” category for original works, in Canada. Something else Mr. Green will address once he is finished with the racists.

The editor choose to not include the fact Mr. Green could have been back into a home within a month or two however chose to give his available funds to help an elderly (White) man he met while homeless, with expensive medications challenges, to avoid this gentleman having his legs amputated, as documented in his journaling of the experience on his website Flowers For Food.Ca.

Why? Because the editor chose to perpetuate the stigma of ‘ethnic poverty,’ as this is far from the case, and more-so grotesque injustice, today, in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and should have been reported as such; as I was told it would be, but it was not. The question is why?

Why were these facts not reported, including the facts:

These people (property managers and tenants), responsible for the unlawful eviction, are now being investigated for their racist actions by the BC Ombudsperson’s Office, and the BC Law Society (the lawyers who assisted in the fraud). Yes, fraud. They, as it states in the court actions, claimed I was owing monies, fraudulently, under oath,…still unsubstantiated, in order to unlawfully evict me. I was never owing monies and have the receipts to show proof. Hence the investigations, and the pursuit for justice… which I thought this (source Magazine) article would be fostering. I think I was approached by a BLM group. I have to investigate. This was before they (BLM) made themselves (their agenda) known.

The reporter told me her original story reflecting these facts were submitted. So yes, disappointing, however not all too surprising…the more sensationalism, the more interest. And feeding something already palatable (to the masses) is far easier than ‘researching,’ to serve something different, factual, even perhaps useful for those living/supporting the Diversity of our country.

Why were these facts not published? Because they go against the ‘agenda and narrative,’ obviously.

To the editor of the source magazine: It appears you wish to perpetuate the inequalities within our society by merely repeating ‘the narrative.’ This is not part of a solution, but more so normalizing the inequalities.

Regardless, it appears there is no advancement offered from this article, so it’s likely more exploitation for profit. I did not research the magazine when first approached for an interview. I will do so now and report if it is in any way related to antif or blm, as we know their agenda is to degrade and destroy the Black population. No hyperbole.

Out of many, comes one reggae music

The source forum of diversity – Not.