How much do I know, thus far? 

Not much, however I do know humanity’s largest problem, and our biggest distraction from Our Natural Focus, is money, and all that follows it. I often consider if money was intended to be a truly critical part of our Life, our Design, or development, we would have been born with pockets.

Instead I see we are born with all necessary faculties needed to pursue all possible Potentials within Ourselves, which extends to the outside world. It is Best to Travel Inward to Know Life Fully, as apposed to merely experience outside of you…that which others have created.

I do Know we are here to Learn and Grow. And it is clear the only thing of Importance in this world is to find and Accomplish one’s Mission(s) for Growth. The Mission is to Know What Mission we are On. Life Is The ‘Tour Of Duty’. Thank Goodness.

The life created?

I recognize money within business, or thrown onto celebrities, has nothing to do with their talent (real or produced), the same can be said for designers or innovators…money is not the motivation. Money is a social construct we created, and accept (bad or good) — within that, artisans would still have and nurture their talents without exuberant payments. Countless have already proven this. I digress.

For me? The challenges have always come from other people, even today, while I am simply trying to Live my Life’s Potential. 

And while that is the sane reality, it is insane to see this is not the first, second, third, fourth, or even fifth time I have been falsely accused, as a Black man in this city. Could you handle this? And of course I have to exercise more control and composure in taking the time to process their assaults, then deal with them. as boni-fide degenerates. No other way of putting it…these people’s psyche have degenerated, period, unless you consider falsely accusing others of heinous crimes, with the intention of ruining their life, evolved behaviour?
Not even close to debatable. So yes, degenerates. Nothing pejorative.

In a recent investigation I requested, I witness five people write the investigating board five separate letters, giving all kinds of details of my ‘unacceptable violent behaviour’ toward them, and signed (swore to) their letters. These letters where stating that I was belligerent to them, and to the people in their waiting area in their clinic, and I was threatening them with aggressive blah blah blah more ‘Black man threatening’ stuff…to get their agenda accomplished, defending their negligence and incompetence in the investigation I launched against them.

This is the reality. Here is the video of the encounter (link) where they are accusing me of being aggressive toward them. Why did they think such false stories would be accepted by others? Because everyone (wants to?) thinks the Black man is violent. Why? Because of the degenerative narrative that has permeated for centuries. Enough.

Unless you see any truth to their allegations watching the videos, you may begin to see how it is NOT easy being a progressive Black man in Vancouver. Truly. And it gets much much worse. Details to come. Is it not sad a person has to video record their conversations because they know people are capable of lying to get their way. And even worse because I know most people want to believe their garbage. Boredom.

But before this, just try to contemplate the amount of writing I have had to do in the past five years defending my good name against the most amoral, evil and corrupt minds. It is truly head shaking sad.

Regardless, the reality is I don’t have the resources to pay others to do my work within any of my jobs/ projects (all public) that I initiate; they all require my full participation, so this means I must still press on after, and even during, adversities…to Live my Potential, eat my bread, and sing my songs – same as you.

But since you asked, I will give you a mere glimpse by pulling the curtains back, just a bit:

Recent frustrations that come to mind start with a CIPO representative (name to come) forgetting to send critical patent notifications, and laughing about it (wait for the memoir);
from there it went on to include the herb bentz / form3 story, with bentz deliberately and maliciously impeding the business development of an internationally recognized, and even solicited, innovative product (the https://www.thereflow.ca) (cuz he wanted to build his model, not mine, as he was (signed) contracted to do).

Aaand it was about this time, remarkably, I actually saw an undercover VPD officer(s?) (badge on his waist) searching the city garbage bin where I was standing and cleaning/ discarding rubbish flowers from the Canadian Flowers for Food Society flower cart’s daily inventory. 

I can only think he was searching for drugs, or a body, thinking I was trafficking drugs to / through the city’s homeless. You’d think they would first ask where I would be getting drugs from, to traffic, with barely having enough time to get my groceries. He actually told me he was searching for a lost cell phone while going through my garbage. Uhuh. Undercover VPD agents hunting through city garbage bins for lost cell phones. Riiight. Why is it that difficult for some people to accept some people just wish to do Good in this world?

From that point I was reminded I am a Black man doing Good in my community, which goes against the only narrative some people know, or wish to live through mainstream media. Their problem, not mine, as we all have choice, yes some less than others, still there is Always the Choice of Right from wrong, in every moment.

Interestingly, soon after I was accused of the most heinous crime known to humanity, however thankfully the vile creature who falsely accused me of this crime had forgotten she had also written one of the world’s sweetest love-letters, to me, less than soon after us saying good-bye. We had so many incredible conversation, for months, I did not see that coming. You don’t have to wait for the memoir to know her name is katja g. jouini – and she deserves all recognition for her actions.

My point is, the city of Vancouver, BC, Canada (crown prosecutor, blonde woman, I will research her name) did not want to charge this most vile individual, katja g. jouini, with public mischief, even after I successfully sued her for defamation of character ($35K+). Why?

Thankfully it takes even less scrutiny for one to see I am even less a killer than I am a predator. It would be ludicrous level laughable, if there weren’t for the threat of losing my Life through their cowardly selfishness and weakness. Still, the more they rub, the more a Good man shines. Truth.

They think satan’s permission to try to ruin a Good man Compares To God’s Command To Expose vile degenerates. They will not make such false allegations ever again. And I will be certain to warn the rest of Canada, and not only the Black communities, as this is certainly not just a Black (profiling) issue; you would be very remiss to think otherwise. Details to come.

A letter asking for program information written to Flowers for Food. The Charity founded by Marrett Green
A letter asking for program information written to Flowers for Food. The Charity founded by Marrett Green


Switching thought but not topic, I recently received an unexpected letter from a previous Canadian Flowers for Food Society client reminding me of the program’s Value.
And while reading this letter (attached), I was reminded of two other separate letters (also attached) from business developers enticing me to develop, the ReFlow system, and its business, in their countries.

Letter from Developer Offering Marrett Green development opportunities in their country.


I declined both offers because I am as much Canadian as the blood in my veins is Jamaican. And I am certainly obliged (I feel) to credit my countries of birth and naturalization with such innovative development, considering this product saves the planet 30% of its fresh-water immediately without any social behaviour adaptations – just plug and (continue to) play.

2ndLetter from Developer Offering Marrett Green development opportunities in their country.
2ndLetter from Developer Offering Marrett Green development opportunities in their country.


This previous Canadian Flowers for Food Society client contacting CFFFS (Above), and these letters from industrial developers abroad (Above) remind me: what I am doing (my efforts) are of value to others around me, my community, as intended – and even to our global communities, considering current reported fresh-water conditions,
This is despite the (most vile) actions of a few at the other end of humanity’s spectrum deliberately trying to destroy my Life, at the same time. And why are they doing this again? Well, just wait till you hear the excuse.

Regardless, it is nice to be reminded of what I have (publicly) chosen to accomplish with my Life, and to see the progress thus far.

Still, I will take the time (Thank Goodness) to expose each and every one of these degenerates for who they are, and what they are doing – and not just in the interest of public and community safety. But also in sincere hope they will change for the better, after taking a good look at themselves; sincerely.

It’s clear they haven’t recognized what (the wrong) they are doing, up until now. However…(Only God Can Judge) unless they’ve done worse, like taken a Life, or harm a child, there is still time for them to turn around; they can still turn around, if they choose to turn around. No one can do it for them, however I do know I happened across their path to make them aware of their amoral actions, as people. Who else? I Ask For The Strength to not stay silent When Good Words Need To Be Spoken, Or Sung. Just because one is given permission to act cowardly does not mean it is right that they do, especially at the detriment of others. Everyone needs to Learn this basic, or even be reminded. There might be one among them. Only God Knows. I Follow.

Anger from being attacked? Not really knowing these people actually flatter me through their actions (every one), recognizing it’s only because they see me ‘doing things’ (details to come) which they choose not to – from contributions to our communities, to innovation design, to personal self-discipline and control, or perhaps it is something I have which they (katja g. jouini) desperately desire – enough so to compromise and shame their integrity.

Hopefully they (every one) will Learn to Look Inward, and not outwardly, as they are obviously doing — and obviously looking at the wrong things/ narrative.

My challenge is to Live The Life That Makes Our Creator Proud, refraining from anger and hatred while addressing the vileness, appropriately, maintaining my Good Nature, smiling, conceptualizing, designing, and implementing community programs, industrial designs, writing, and singing music (Juno sponsored, even). Yes, I also Write And Sing Songs About The Creator Of Life, recently sponsored for Juno Awards submissions program – but alas to some minds I am merely a Black thug, prima facie.

In case this is your first time peeking behind my curtain, I am also Canada’s first Black award-winning national news-anchor (ytv, ctv, utv/ global). I am also a former award-winning journalist employed and/ or connected to every major news outlet in Canada. And I am currently holding a masters degree in social science while creating, and teaching, communications curriculum focusing on public discourse, (civic journalism).

Do you think you could handle this pressure? How easy do you think it would be for you to maintain focus in all this, and still move forward in thought, body and soul? And recognize this is only a fraction of the misery others have placed on me. I keep asking why, Einstein must have as well saying, ‘Great spirits will often encounter violent opposition from mediocre minds.’ This offers some solace.

About this time, I was also lauded in a peer-review for my pedagogical approach (‘Socratic’) as a uni-teacher at KPU. This was awarded to me while I was also developing curriculum for BCIT, and developing the CODIAR system with their research department. I had no idea the industrial design field had people who would do what they did to sabotage my business, and career. People are people, no matter where you place ’em. Wait for the memoir.

(teaching review excerpt here)

Mentioning a few of my careers thus far is not for promoting my ego, it’s for revealing the realities that clearly contrast any degenerate claims against my character. Still, if we are to only assess each other optically, without discourse for understanding, so be it; here are better optics for all two dimensional minds (won’t sugar coat though).

As frustrating and insulting as you can imagine this to be…and it is. I deliberately reject the desire to retaliate against these people, this would only be moving toward their darkness, instead of pulling them into Light. I see this as the real Challenge providing Growth — and I Gratefully Accept. Thank Goodness.

Now you have a better idea (but just a glimpse) as to what it’s like to be a bono-fide Black innovator (the government did pay for the prototype herb bentz @ form3 refused to produce; and I have conceptualized, developed and implemented a unique registered Canadian charity) in Canada, among other innovations. Thanking Goodness Every Step. 

Black like me in the 21st century. More to come.

The Creator’s Peace & Love 2U.