Remarkably, at this time ’16/’17, I was being investigated for false allegations of assault. I then took the time to successfully sue this person, (katja g. jouini link) in BC supreme court for defamation of character. Looking back, I am pretty sure some people at the VPD were also hoping I was selling drugs from garbage bins in the Westend while operating my charity…why else would they be searching the bins where I am placing my flower discards, telling me they (undercover VPD, saw badge under coat) are looking for a lost cell phone. Lol. I still laugh aloud when I recall this. And I think I may have embarrassed him when I laughed aloud at that moment, asking how the VPD are paying their finest to search for lost cell phones? He just left. No response. Lol. Still a funny excuse for going through my garbage. Yes, we had street people (regularly) going into the same bin throughout the days, but those people were trying to get what we could not sell at the flower stands, the lowest quality, because they were desperate for more flowers. What am I going to tell them, no? Of course not. And should I stop them because I am thinking the VPD thinks I am selling drugs. Of course not.
Don’t get me wrong. I have the utmost respect for the VPD (all law enforcement. or anyone willingly putting their Life on the line for mine, and my community). I even thought I wanted to be an officer (twice: very young, and immediately after television. Detective work could be fun. Not. But I thought maybe). I digress.
Again, I have absolute respect for all people in the services…I just don’t like being called a drug dealer, rapist, or cop killer, because of my skin colour. Yes, why else? Do the research: nothing in my background, lifestyle, or very public image lines up with any of this foolishness…so why else but to appease degenerates’ antiquated (and most boring) narrative. BLM? All this nonsense started around ’16, plus other interesting details. You will have to wait for the memoir to decide.


A Marrett Green Teaching Reference Letter: not my first, but certainly one of my favourite teaching letters. Great place to work :).





Marrett Green University Teaching Review
Marrett Green University Teaching Review at KPU. The end of this peer-review, I recall, is just as encouraging. When I find, I will post. One of my favourite reviews (not just cuz my first) but considering the person/ people, as Mr. Choi, a true scholar and gentleman to observe. I do meet inspirational people. Grateful.


Okay, I Found It… The Conclusion to Peer Review Report

Marrett Green’s KPU Peer Review Conclusion


This was the very beginning of my teaching career, and about the time I knew I was on the right path with this as my next profession because everything felt absolutely right. It was about then ideas started flooding into my mind’s eye, leading to (CODIAR, The Electronic Concierge, The Reflow, etc – link) my next path (tangent) into industrial innovation.

I of course have not  given up teaching, as I still develop curriculum and teach classes, however on a part-time basis, while I take care of violations against my civil and human rights, impacting all law-abiding citizens, not just progressive, sapio, Black men. I digress.

At the time I first read this review, I will confess I was not all too familiar with Socrates, about the same as most with knowing he was a Greek philosopher. However after reading more (‘A Study of the History of an Idea’ – A Gift to me from an absolute stranger) I discovered he asked the same questions as I do, in terms of our Relationship To The Devine.

We Are All Students Of The Greatest Teacher Still Learning How To Listen. Therefore I can see how it would be his intuitive nature to ask questions, like the rest of us.

More to come…