Paid, volunteer, and coop, positions held by Marrett Green, thus far, in no particular order


1.McDonalds (grill) – my first ‘official job’ @ 11 years of age
2.Retail Store Manager, ‘Maggies’ (got my all-time favourite sweater there)
3.Restaurant Manager (including Memories Cafe in Ottawa, Ont.)
4.Customer Service/Hospitality (including Hurley’s in Ottawa, Ont.)
5.Telephone Sales (including Independent Carpet Cleaning)

6.Door-to-door Salesman (including Electrolux vacuums) @ 13 years of age
7.Meat Butcher, Jerome Meats
8.Amway (mlm)
9.Rental Consultant (including the Assaly Group)
10.Chef (2 Ottawa, Ont. restaurants including Memories Cafe)

11.Television producer (ctv, ytv, utv, global)
12.Television host (ctv, ytv, utv, global)
13.Television news journalist (ctv, ytv, utv, global)
14.Television news anchor (ctv, ytv, utv, global)
15.Televised events host (ctv, ytv, utv, global)

16.Radio Copywriter (Oshawa, Ont.)
17.Radio Announcer (CBRT Coop)
18.Founder, Register Canadian Charity: Canadian Flower for Food Society
19.CEO, Registered Canadian Charity: Canadian Flowers for Food Society
20.Public Speaker (including BC Sick Children’s Hospital)

21.Corporate Spokesperson, CIBC Run for The Cure, GVRD, Etc
23.Government Spokesperson (Greater Vancouver Regional District, GVRD)
24.Media Relations Manager, including (Greater Vancouver Regional District, GVRD – conceptualized and coordinated metro Vancouver’s first climate change symposium)
25.Commissioned GhostWriter (including Ismailia, Egypt – ‘House on The Canal’)

26.Media Relations Manager (including British Columbia Institute of Technology, BCIT)
27.Curriculum Developer (including BCIT and KPU – undergraduate)
28.Curriculum Developer (including IVY – HS)
29.Marital Arts Instructor, TaeKwon-Do (ITF)
30.Teacher, Academic programs, YSI Academy

31.Teacher, Kwantlen Polytech University
32.Teacher, Academic programs, GOSunshine
33.Teacher, Academic programs, Multintel
34.Teacher, Social Media, Twnation
35.Teacher, Academic programs, Greener Curriculum

36.Security Guard, including auto factories in Barrie, Ont. (booooorrrriiiiinnnnggg)
37.Doorman (security), restaurants, bars, and nightclubs
38.Certified Aerobics Instructor
39.Cooking Class InstructoR, Books for Cooks
40.Published Chef/ Author, ‘Sugar and Spice and Everything Irie’

41.Published Documentary Writer, and Researcher, YTV, CTV, UTV, CHEZ106 RADIO
42.Public Seminar Writer, Researcher, and Presenter (including The Original Message: Making Spirituality Tangible)
43.Waitress (haha), (worked at a gay-bar in By-ward Market in Ottawa, Ont, once. I was late in searching coming back home from school. Regardless, a patron (older man) kept calling me, Mary, while I was there. No, I am not gay. I have many close friends who are. And the first people to show me ‘True Love/ Care’ outside of my family were lesbians…I have no qualms with another person, cuz I am cool with me. Same as you, right? No mystery.) I needed to pay for my schooling. Plus an excellent human nature social behaviour experience. People are people. And I could from that job totally understand how women feel being harassed (not that I ever did) by vulgar men.
44.Curriculum Reviewer / Developer, McGraw-Hill Ryerson: ‘The Art of Public Speaking,’ Lucas edition
45.Nursing Orderly, Certified, Royal Ottawa Hospital

46.Nursing Orderly, Certified, Pearly Hospital (Ottawa, Ont.)
47.Forensic Orderly, Certified, Royal Ottawa Hospital
48.Tutor, ESL
49.Teacher, English
50.Tutor, English

51.Teacher, Public Speaking
52.Ice-Cream (pedal cart) Vendor (first wicked leg cramps)
53.Hot Dog Vendor (cold cokes, hot dogs!!), Roughriders Stadium, Ottawa, Ont.
54.Babysitter, CPR Certified
55.Rental Car Driver, Hertz (fFFfffuuuuUUuuunnnnn!!!)

56.Produce washer/packer, Top Banana
57.Songwriter, SOCAN (20+ Registered Original Songs)
58.Singer, Mosaic Riddim
59.Teacher, Private School Interview
60.Private School Admissions, Letter-writer

62.Television cookbook chef (Canada AM, Canadian Living, Vicki Gabero Show, CBC Sheila Rogers
63.Media Relations Manager, CBIC Run for the Cure Marathon (volunteered)
64.Meat Delivery Driver, Jerome Meats (great memories)
65.Door-to-door Flowers Salesman (little person. I was 10 years old), summer job. So look at that Mcdonald’s was not my first job.

66.Drum Teacher (Djembe)
67.Bona-fide Inventor, National Research Council of Canada (The ReFlow Grey-water Recycling System)
68.Teacher, Civic Journalism
69.Floral Designer, Canadian Flowers for Food Society
70.Carpenter, Canadian Flowers for Food Society

71.Event Planner/ Coordinator, GVRD, CFFFS, Sunshine Go
72.Bon-afide Actor, Actra / UBCP Member (30+ films and series productions) (Now although Marrett cannot act, he is one helluv a news-anchor / reporter. No acting necessary. It’s just him. Yes type-casted, but okay with helping pay the bills. Had a 50K (lawyer) divorce bill to pay at the time the offers started. I never once got a role because of an ‘audition’. I was always casted from my demo reel. Yes it was easy money, everyone called me to be news reporter…because that’s what I do. I tell the news. ‘Give me 30 seconds and I’ll change your world’. And of course I never accepted any nudity offers. Yes, there were a couple nudity role offers sent to my agent, and personal inquiries made to me. Son of Jamaican pastor, and my mother still alive…not a chance. Wait for the memoir). 
73.Junior Draughtsman, City of Ottawa Civil Engineering Department
(Co-op position. I was given the opportunity to draw two municipal roads: Sheffield Rd. and Hereford Rd sewer systems. There might have been a third. Grateful for the early experience to know the job/ duties – my first exposure to ‘the office’ environment. Regardless of industry, all offices have the same dynamics. Don’t know if you will read this Tony (or Mary), but youse were fun to watch at play. The CAD system was just coming in then, and I could see it taking all the fun out of using drafting-pens and mylar, and I knew I would be looking for something else to calm my mind. So I decided to try architectural drawings.)
74.Architectural Draftsperson, JK Joast & Associates – (Co-op, worked on other peoples’ drawings. Less than inspiring position/ duties, drawing other people’s designs. Still, they were very nice designs…no doubt…just that they were not my designs, and would not be for a very long time – if that’s what I decided to do. Thankfully I decided against that career path. Still, absolutely great people to work with/ for. Most Grateful.)
75.(Unexpected) Busker (with Lou Djembe), Vancouver, BC, Canada. People just insist on giving me money when I play. Thank Goodness they appreciate it. My favourite story thus far: I am playing in Stanley Park on a bench away from the seawall, and a little guy (~10 yrs) comes up to me handing over a twoonie saying, “My dad said to give this to you.” So I replied as graciously as I could, ‘Please tell your dad I am not playing for money. I am playing to make people happy.’
The little guy drops the twoonie on the bench beside me and says, ‘It’s yours now, buddy. Deal with it.’ And walks away. I still laugh. Bless ‘im. :).

76.Car Windshield Washer, Ottawa, Ontario (Auto-sky Drive-in). Summer (fuun) job.
77.Convenience Store Clerk, Mac’s Milk, Ottawa, Ontario (started smoking cigarettes here…long boring nights. Yes, I quit.)

Thanks for your patience as this list is constantly being updated…there are still a few that will come back to me.