The officer who ‘did not show up’ for this call (he couldn’t find the seawall under the Cambie bridge) may be the (same last name) VPD officer who attended the Hate Crime Call in ’16, and didn’t charge the person calling me nigger. Yup. In Canada. In ’16. I am telling you, Yes, I suspect BLM, and it would be foolish to rule that out without investigation. I have lived in Canada all my Life and it’s like someone just let in a group of racists…all of these racist incidents have been occurring only since ’16. I have been called nigger on the street at least three times since. What’s happened to our country? Certainly, I’ve heard the word before in Canada, but I can count literally twice, or at the most three times; and once it was a second hand account, and not directly at me. More later.
This is kelly. kelly took off (literally), after we (witnesses included) waited 30 minutes + for the police to arrive. kelly is apparently from Pitt Meadows. Recognize him? Reward. Better/ more images and details, soon. Btw, not saying kelly’s cowardice actions were in anyway racially motivated. We will have to ask kelly. The link is the (same?) VPD officer at both calls. The other call is a clear hate crime.

Hit and Run Perpetrator
Hit and Run Perpetrator. Photo taken by a witness.


Some Damages from Hit & Run
Some of the Damages from Hit & Run. Yeah as bad as it looks.


HitandRun – Witness Takes Pictures. Thank Goodness. How Did He Run? A person without sense (very close) was beating his dog (yelping beating), and nobody else was edifying on the proper care of animals. Left someone else (who volunteered) with hit and run bike buddy…and gone like the coward (setup) he is. If you know this man, Kelly, please message me. Thank you. Right choice still. Dog beating buddy knows dogs are not for beating, and hitandrun buddy knows he’s an irresponsible coward. Yes, it happened to me…better than a pregnant woman and child, or elderly, or your parents (right?)…but that’s my point. Look again at the bike tire and think again. With his attitude, it was clear he didn’t care. And yes, accidents happen, but when the person is not apologetic, and even hostile initially (hence witness images), it no longer feels like an accident. And it is quite possible he wanted me to respond with equal hostility? I’ve met degenerates like him before, there are police reports stating. But of course, not happening. Call the police, and wait. Too bad the VPD didn’t show. Why again? ….couldn’t find the seawall under the Cambie bridge. Uhuh. Black Like me in the 21st Century. More later.